Aureus Luna

Luna is a very social and tight-knit group, with a large core group of long time members. We are dedicated to helping each other out, be it in farm or war. Luna takes war seriously, and we pride ourselves on having perfect attendance. Donations can be filled in the blink of an eye, and we follow what's requested. Luna is home for us, and we happily "Lunatize" the lucky few who get a shot at a membership with us.


Clan Requirements

  • Level 100+
  • Town Hall 9
  • 100% level 8 walls
  • 30 Combined Hero Levels for TH9's
  • 50 Combined Hero Levels for TH10's
  • Level 6 Barch
  • Level5 Wizards and Minions
  • Level 6 Balloons
  • Witches and Golems Level 2
  • Minimum Level 2 Xbows
  • High Activity and Active Chatter
  • Donate/Receive 600 per season
  • Update War Status

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