About Cometa

Cometa is a clan full of farming fanatics, who choose to mercilessly steal from their enemies rather than battle them in clan wars! Cometa is the beating heart of Aureus, the place for farmers with a rare amount of awesomeness hang out and farm! We take pride in our active clan chat, fast donations and overall activity throughout the day and night. We love helping each other out and sharing our knowledge. Our experienced farmers can help you improve, whether it be a simple tip or trick, or a whole new army composition.

Clan Requirements

  • Level 120+
  • Town Hall 10
  • Maxed Town Hall 9 Defenses
  • 1 Billion Gold Grab
  • 50 Combined Hero Levels
  • 50+ Lavas (Rest Legos)
  • Capable of donating 1600 per season
  • Capable of receiving 1600 per season

Cometa Rules

  1. Clan visiting is allowed if agreed with someone from leadership and is not abused.
  2. You need to be a mature clasher as age is not a requirement.
  3. Please keep the chat clean, friendly, and as polite as possible.
  4. Only donate what is requested.
  5. Participate in Clan Wars! We have a regular clan war schedule and expect the entire group to give their best effort. You may opt out of the war with the approval of an Elder. Talk to your leader about your clan war schedule.